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Travel Dates

1. ATTEND ENTIRE PROGRAM: By enrolling, I agree to attend the entire program from the start date until the end date.

2. LEAVING CAMPUS/TRAVELING MID-YEAR: Any time a student leaves campus, even just for the night, he must receive permission from the administration and sign out. No leave of absence may be taken without permission from the Yeshiva. This includes both returning to the U.S. as well as vacations within Israel.

3. LEAVING MID YEAR: If for any reason the student leaves mid-year, he is still responsible to submit the remainder of the tuition agreement. College credits will not be given if there is an outstanding balance.

The Program

4. TEFILLOT: It goes without saying that a Jew prays three times a day with a minyan, and so is expected at Lev. Tefillah is a priority in a Jew’s life and is what he structures his day around.

5. SEDERIM: We have three main sederim (sessions) of learning each day: morning, afternoon and night. Sederim times are from 9:45am-1:15pm, 4:00pm-7pm, 8:30pm-10:00pm. The minimum attendance expected is two hours for morning, 1.5 hours for afternoon, and 1 hour at night.

6. TRIPS: School tiyulim (trips) are an essential part of the unity and ruach of the Yeshiva and are also a great opportunity to see and learn about our Holy Land. It goes without saying that we have a blast together. Attendance is mandatory.

7. SHABBATOT: Shabbatonim are an important part of the creative Yeshiva spirit and part of your learning experience in Israel. To be excused from an “In Shabbat,” students must receive permission from the Yeshiva. On an “Out Shabbat” students are invited to sleep in the dorm and be set up locally for meals. Students are free on “Out Shabbatot” to visit family and friends throughout Israel. We are here to be your family; our students will always have a place to go for Shabbat. Boys going away for Shabbat or who need to be set up for a meal must inform the Yeshiva where they will be going latest by Tuesday night. It is up to the yeshiva to give permission to go to certain places even on an Out Shabbat.

8. MASA PROGRAM AND CLASSES: All Masa classes and programs, including Hebrew class, Masa class, and trips, are mandatory. All students are expected to participate and attend.


9. DRESS CODE: In the Beit-Midrash, students are expected to wear button-down or polo shirts. Jeans and sweatpants are not considered appropriate attire for the Beit-Midrash. Sneakers or sandals with socks are acceptable. Slippers are not permitted. Kosher tzitzit and kippah must be worn at all times, both in and out of Yeshiva.

10. DORMITORY: The dormitory is everyone's home, so we would like everyone to feel comfortable there. Students must be considerate of certain factors such as cleanliness, noise, and have an overall general consideration of fellow students and roommates. Smoking and alcohol are forbidden in the dormitory and in any part of the building.

11. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: The student is responsible for any damage to yeshiva property and, if applicable, for paying for the damages. The student/parent will be charged for the cost of any damages.

12. GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL: Inappropriate behavior not befitting for a boy learning in Yeshiva, such as going to bars, drinking, or substance abuse, is grounds for dismissal. Non-compliance with any of these rules and regulations of the yeshiva, or more than allotted amount of absences, are also grounds for dismissal. The Yeshiva reserves the right to dismiss any student when it sees fit. Tuition will not be returned to a dismissed student.


13. COMPUTERS: Computers are strongly discouraged, as they have been tremendous source of distraction to our students growth. Any use of any type of electronic device is not allowed during scheduled class time and risk being confiscated if used during such times. Electronic devises may be confiscated at the sole discretion of the Yeshiva when deemed appropriate.

14. HANDHELD ELECTRONICS: Iphones, and other handheld electronic devices may not be brought into the Beit Midrash. Use of any such devices during Seder time will lead to their confiscation. Any devices should be filtered.

15. MUSIC: We ask that only Jewish music be brought into the yeshiva. If a student feels that this is hard for him to comply with, he may listen to other music, but only with earphones. Non-Jewish music played out loud will be confiscated.

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